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Tunes, tunes, arrgh, more tunes

Been a while since I played the meme game, so blame Terry Teachout for hipping me to this one. Like him, I’m not doing this as a 30-day challenge, as I really just wanted an excuse to create a playlist … Continue reading

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50-worders: Keeping up with the fogeys

This is way late, originally intended for December 2016, but life intervened, mostly in a good way. Considering that I recently turned 40 years old, and I’ve spent a year co-writing a book of musical criticism about a single record, … Continue reading

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Bob Mould saves my life, again

Last night could’ve been a bust. Bob Mould came to Athens’s Georgia Theatre on a Thursday night with his crackerjack rhythm section—Jon Wurster on drums, Jason Narducy on bass—and nobody showed up. Well, not nobody. But the Georgia Theatre can … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Wussy’s “Halloween”

From the superb album Attica!, this dreamy, impressionistic song evokes childhood and teenage life in a small town for me like no other song, even though I’m not sure that’s exactly what Lisa Walker is singing about, and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Prince, 1958-2016: A letterpress print

We wanted to pay respects to the Great One and could not think of a better way than to create something—to give back, somehow, in some small way. So, we made a little work of art, in tribute to a … Continue reading

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Seeing the light

So, it’s official: This is happening. I’m writing a book with one of my dearest, oldest friends, about one of my favorite musicians, on one of the albums that bonded our friendship in the first place, for a music-related series … Continue reading

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Gratitude #3: D’Angelo at the Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

On the night of 14 June 2015, I saw D’Angelo and his band perform at the Tabernacle, a former church converted into a beautiful, acoustically remarkable, concert venue. I’d been there before, on Valentine’s Day 2014, to dance to Trey … Continue reading

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