selfie 01a (color)Walter Biggins is a writer based in Athens, GA. He is the co-author (with Daniel Couch), of the forthcoming book, Bob Mould’s Workbook (Bloomsbury, 2017). His work has been published in Glide Magazine, RogerEbert.com, Bookslut, The Comics Journal, Salon, PopMattersThe Baseball Chronicle, and other periodicals.

Follow him on Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and at Afronaut, his occasional newsletter.


About the blog: The title comes from a passage within Arundhati Roy’s 1997 novel, The God of Small Things:

Estha finished school with mediocre results, but refused to go to college. Instead, much to the initial embarrassment of his father and stepmother, he began to do the housework. As though in his own way he was trying to earn his keep. He did the sweeping, swabbing and all the laundry. He learned to cook and shop for vegetables. Vendors in the bazaar, sitting behind pyramids of oiled, shining vegetables, grew to recognize him and would attend to him amidst the clamoring of their other customers. They gave him rusted film cans in which to put the vegetables he picked. He never bargained. They never cheated him. When the vegetables had been weighed and paid for, they would transfer them to his red plastic shopping basket (onions at the bottom, brinjal and tomatoes on the top) and always a sprig of coriander and a fistful of green chilies for free. Estha carried them home in the crowded tram. A quiet bubble floating on a sea of noise.

Quiet Bubble is a blog about arts, letters, culture, and life in the South. While it comments occasionally on current events and picks fights with other critics, the blog is intended more as a place for meditation and reflection. I hope you’ll find it a refuge from the brisk pace on-the-spot blogging and the desperate need to be Relevant, but still a place where you’ll find joy, wit, grounds for debate, and passion for life.

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  1. Nola Gibson says:

    Walter, would you consider another term on the Arts and Lecture Board? We’d love to have you!!

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