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Movies I’ve Seen: Kedi (2017)

Directed by Ceyda Torun. Music by Kira Fontana. Starring the streets of Istanbul, the cats that roam it, and the people who love them. In Turkish. About five minutes into Kedi, I realized that I wanted to talk at length … Continue reading

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Happy New Year / 2016’s Top 5

It’s time, once again, for the grand tradition begun in 2002, in an Austin, TX, backyard. (See the 2014 and 2015 editions.) 2016 was a difficult year but this summing-up reminds me that there was indeed a lot of joy … Continue reading

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Things we wish for, things we mourn

Next month, I turn 40. This blog is eleven years old, which means it spans the entirety of my thirties. I wish I could tell you that, looking over it, you can chart my moral, aesthetic, and philosophical progression. Hell, … Continue reading

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Athens, etc.

Fuji, Etc. (2004), by Kevin Huizenga. Photo by Walter Biggins. I do this a lot, these long drives late at night, inching my way from the Atlanta airport to my warm bed in Athens, GA. After the glitter of the … Continue reading

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Five for five, 2015 edition

As in previous years, and in accordance to a longstanding tradition begun—with two close friends—in the wee early hours of 2002, here are my five favorite moments of 2015. Happy New Year, everyone. Please don’t do anything stupid.

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Seeing the light

So, it’s official: This is happening. I’m writing a book with one of my dearest, oldest friends, about one of my favorite musicians, on one of the albums that bonded our friendship in the first place, for a music-related series … Continue reading

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Gratitude #2

  Spent two days rambling around Nashville, ostensibly in town for a (terrific) Phish concert in a new downtown amphitheater overlooking the Korean War Veterans Bridge, which itself loomed over the Cumberland River with its briny, musky scent enveloping the … Continue reading

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