“Background is important.  Things happen in the country that would never happen in the city.  Things happen to people in strange places that would not happen to them at home.  It isn’t true that people who cross the sea change their skies but not their natures.  We are different, depending on where we are.  What kind of room we are in can be critical.  Even how it is furnished.  And the view.  And the light.  Landscape matters.  A lot can depend on the season, the weather, the time of day.  (‘How much a small room can do.’)  People do not want to believe this.  It is like not wanting to believe, as Einstein said he could not, that God plays dice with the universe.”

—Sigrid Nunez, Naked Sleeper (1996)

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Atlanta, GA. He is the co-author (with Daniel Couch) of Bob Mould's Workbook (Bloomsbury, 2017). His work has been published in The Quarterly Conversation,, Bookslut (RIP), The Comics Journal, The Baseball Chronicle, and other periodicals. Twitter: @walter_biggins.
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