A pause in the life of…


Lonely duck. Photographed in October 2006 on Lake Michigan, Chicago, by Quiet Bubble.

I swear I’m not neglecting my faithful readers on purpose. Work, however, has caused some complications that nearly drowned out my free time, and I’m just now bobbing back to the surface, gasping for breath. Enough with the mediocre metaphors (and apparent alliteration)— I’ll be back later this week. For now, though, check out the sites to your left.

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Atlanta, GA. He is the co-author (with Daniel Couch) of Bob Mould's Workbook (Bloomsbury, 2017). His work has been published in The Quarterly Conversation, RogerEbert.com, Bookslut (RIP), The Comics Journal, The Baseball Chronicle, and other periodicals. Twitter: @walter_biggins.
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