Don’t worry–we like your later, more mature movies, too

Every now and then, Time is actually worth reading. Here’s a snippet from one of their online interviews; can you guess who’s talking?

Maybe the child in all of us dies just when we need him the most. I cannot tell you how many people come over to me on the street and repeat almost verbatim the line the Martians say to Woody Allen in Stardust Memories: “You know, we like your earlier, funnier films.”

That’s filmmaker extraordinaire Steven Spielberg, talking up–among other things–his forthcoming Munich, which I’ll see on opening day.

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Athens, GA. His work has been published in, Bookslut, The Comics Journal, Salon, The Baseball Chronicle, Jackson Free Press, and Valley Voices: A Literary Review. Follow him on Twitter (@walter_biggins), and check out his bimonthly newsletter (
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