Goodnight, Mr. Ferrer

Damnit. If you don’t know who this man was, educate yourself with this movie and this album.

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Athens, GA. His work has been published in, Bookslut, The Comics Journal, Salon, The Baseball Chronicle, Jackson Free Press, and Valley Voices: A Literary Review. Follow him on Twitter (@walter_biggins), and check out his bimonthly newsletter (
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One Response to Goodnight, Mr. Ferrer

  1. winter says:

    The best moment in that movie is near the end, when Ferrer gets a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall. He faces the audience for the longest time and just soaks it in, biting his lower lip, and you can see him thinking: “Yup, I did it.” Not all of us will get to have a moment like that in our lives. I assume he died a happy man.

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