No joke

I’m a Texan by birth and, reluctantly, by temperament. So, I cast a glance every now and then at the state’s political scene, even though I now live in Mississippi. At a New Year’s Eve dinner last year, L(2)’s father mentioned jovially that writer Kinky Friedman was running for governor. “Hell, he can’t be worse than what we’ve already got,” he said, taking a long drag on his cigarette. “You’re probably right,” I said. But I assumed it was just a good joke.

As happens so often these days, it turns out that I was wrong. Over at the Dallas Observer, Robert Wilonsky writes a long, rollicking report on what might be the most interesting political campaign since Tanner ’88. Only this one’s for real.

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Athens, GA. His work has been published in, Bookslut, The Comics Journal, Salon, The Baseball Chronicle, Jackson Free Press, and Valley Voices: A Literary Review. Follow him on Twitter (@walter_biggins), and check out his bimonthly newsletter (
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