“In a society where dissenting viewpoints are suppressed, those viewpoints are potent and dangerous. Where dissent is tolerated, it rapidly becomes quaint and is viewed as unsophisticated; people merely amuse themselves with the expression of contrary opinion. They ‘try on’ ideas and ideologues as they would a new hat or boutonniere, discarding them just as readily. Conformity then supplants awareness as the cornerstone of wisdom. ‘Getting along’ becomes the highest ambition of the ‘good citizen.’”
—Dave Sim & Gerhard, Melmoth (Cerebus, book 6), pp. 41-42

About Walter Biggins

Walter Biggins is a writer based in Athens, GA. His work has been published in, Bookslut, The Comics Journal, Salon, The Baseball Chronicle, Jackson Free Press, and Valley Voices: A Literary Review. Follow him on Twitter (@walter_biggins), and check out his bimonthly newsletter (
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